The brand is the backbone of your business. It needs to be strong and taken care of.

So many people overlook the importance of creating a solid, consistent and engaging brand. When you understand your brand identity inside out, customers are more likely to understand it too, that’s why the Deerasa team has devised these bite-sized yet essential pointers to help define your brand.

A brand strategy must be fluid, clear and consistent

Your brand voice should be the same tone and language type across all platforms; from your website, social media platforms, your email newsletters, how your employees speak to clients to the company culture within the office. By operating this way, it eliminates all confusion for customers and they have a clear vision of who you are and what you do. In today’s world, we naturally filter out anything wishy-washy and class it as unappealing, so you really need to be able to stamp down what your business stands for. 

Your brand identity is your key to success

When you market your product successfully according to your target segment, customers will more likely remember you against your competition. Evoking good customer feelings will drive them to choose your brand over others, for example they may relate to the message you’re connoting, the visuals, the fact that it’s an ethical choice or simply because it’s fast, simple and easy to use. When you’ve taken the time to cultivate a solid brand, customers will form a sense of loyalty and reassurance whilst doing business with you.

Your brand must visually make sense

Your logo, font and colours must reflect the brand’s values and what you are trying to conjure up in the customer’s mind when they see your product. Many say to think of your brand like a human personality – is it formal and discerning or young and rebellious? Who is your target market? Once you’ve decided on its character and who you’re selling to, it will be easier to design the visuals that will attract your market and communicate what you are.

Using social media to project your brand

Social media marketing is an effective, low-cost marketing tool where you can directly access your audience and build brand awareness, as well as a customer service point where you can quickly respond to customer queries, praise or complaints. New followers may convert into potential customers and content can encourage direct traffic back to your website to induce sales. Our tips: People on Twitter skim content fast, so try to use image related posts and keep your tweets clear with easy-to-digest information. You know when you’re reading a book and the chapter leaves you in suspense? Try summoning that feeling, but in the 140 characters of a tweet…

“Don’t second guess yourself. Every successful entrepreneur was first an amateur.” – Lauris Liberts, Draugiem Group